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Re: Windows 98 Safe Mode

"John of Aix" <j.murphy@libertysurf.fr> wrote in message
> Tim W wrote:
> > "John of Aix" <j.murphy@libertysurf.fr> wrote in message
> > news:4231558f$0$1247$8fcfb975@news.wanadoo.fr...
> >>
> >> [...]if youir Windows doesn't boot
> >> properly there must be something wrong with the installation
> >> somewhere. have you tried reinstalling Windows on itself (you won't
> >> lose anything) which will put back any missing ir damaged
> >>
> > Can someone remind me what is the procedure and what are the pitfalls
> > of re-installing windows without reformatting? Is there a danger of
> > balls-up and lost data?
> You double click on Install.exe or Setup.exe, from within Windows if you
> like, it's as simple as that. You'll lose nothing at all, not even the
> placing of your icons on the desktop.

I've done this dozens of times on many systems with no problem.
However, if the PC has faulty hardware (particularly a failing hard
disk, bad RAM or faulty PSU) which caused the original problem,
then things can go wrong.
If it's simply a corrupted boot sector, then boot with the 98 floppy
and at the A: prompt, type:
fdisk /mbr
which will reset the master boot record, then type:
sys c:
after which the system should boot if there are no other problems
with windows.  Both the above should be safe to do, assuming
hardware is ok.

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