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Re: MS continues their trend of not innovating

__/ [Lissi] on Friday 11 November 2005 16:34 \__

> On 11 Nov 2005 the suspect Roy Schestowitz said:
>> Well, they must play catch-up with the best:
> [snip]
> *grin* Not really. "The best" believed they had to "play catch-up"
> some years ago (when .net came up, actually), rumour had it that MS
> would no longer run on the desktop but on central servers, forcing
> everybody to connect to them.
> I really don't think that these services MS is going to offer are
> a good idea. I mean, who would store such sensitive information
> as internal memos, customer contacts and/or mail etc. on a server
> he doesn't own, perhaps even in a country where wiretapping is the
> rule, not the exception?
> Lissi

What about Google Mail and their indexing of people's private information?
If  you ask me, Microsoft are a wee bit late in entering online  services.
Then  again,  I  am  sure  they  can figure out  a  way  of  moving  their
O/S-dependent  flock  through the (in-)appropriate channels. Look  at  the
number  of  people who still use Internet Exploder and MSN Me$$enger.  The
applications  are  not  necessarily  good, but  Microsoft  have  marketing

As  I  see many people move to OpenOffice (because they cannot afford  Of-
fice) and Firefox (because it is far better), a platform migration is made
easier;  Microsoft must put less emphasis on their platform. The  platform
is  suddenly  a 'jumping board' to the Net or the ground for Java  Runtime
Environment, with or without virii (sic.) and spyware.


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