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How Long Can PageRank Dominate?

Does everyone realise that PageRank (i.e. backlinks principle / "backrub")
was conceived almost a decade ago? There must be a better way, a new
paradigm altogether (and I am not referring to my last suggestion in
particular). I remember people coming to this newsgroup proposing
improvements to PageRank (Amir?), aggregating search engines or using more
bandwidth to crawl even more pages (e.g. Yahoo bragging about having
crawled more pages... so what!?!?!).

Microsoft are already suffering due to lack of innovation. Their traditional
O/S still sticks because of questionable practices, but that's a topic for
another day. Either way, Google have messed about and revolved around the
same key principle endlessly, almost to death. A few lines of python must
have mushroomed to become millions of opaque LOC's. If the key idea is
inherently flawed, no improvement will save it in the long term. It would
end up like Windows Vista, which has just been re-build from scratch as its
the code (accumulated over the decades) was fundamentally rotten.

You can put a pig in a dress, take it out to dinner, but it's still a pig in
a dress, not a girlfriend. Is PageRank merely a pig in a kingdom where
'pigotry' is seen as beautiful (hence bigotry)? Is Google still a naked
king < http://tinyurl.com/94cpc >?


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