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Re: Linkvault any good?

__/ [Ian Middleton] on Tuesday 11 October 2005 10:46 \__

> Sorry if this has already been asked but I can't find a post relating to
> it so here goes.
> I'm considering using linkvault which as I'm sure everyone knows is a free
> co-operative link exchange that claims to dynamically generate 'static'
> links on your site for you.

This reminds me of WebRings, which do not truly appear to work. I wonder to
what extent JavaScript and other rotating links lead to linkage being
ignored. If so, how can one reliably tell apart 'organic' rotation and a
genuine one? script-1 mentioned the issue with rotation of links some time

> I've done some searches on the service and some people advise that Google
> will ban sites using the service and some say its great.

Will such a service be detectable? And if so, what will prevent yet another
similar (less reputed or /notorious/ rather) service from cropping up?
Sometimes people say things merely to create a scare.

> Does anyone have any experience of the service or advice about its
> effectiveness or Google friendliness (or other SEs for that matter!)
> Ian Middleton
> Oxford

Try not to full search engines. Bad practices don't pay off and Florida
update/project (or whatever it was called) eradicated link farms already.
rel="nofollow" _supposedly_ brought comment spam to an end.

These updates are often leading to high maintenance on the developer's side
more than anything else. Web designers, whose tendency to SEO is verging 0,
need to rel="nofollow" their validation metas and content producers must
think what will and what will not incur a penalty. It's like the very
construction of a site has become SE-oriented since of the plaster of
Almighty G's algorithms keeps scraping off whenever a new type of spammer


PS - I am whining, not offering a solution.

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