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Re: Bigger Site, Lower PageRank

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Site example.org has 2 pages that are linked (internally) from its main
> page. Each of these two pages links /back/ to the main page and also
> contains an external link. What if that front page contained 10 such
> internal links including external links within? 'Energy' dilution and
> depletion due to external links, right? 

You are talking about a site with absolutely flat structure, that is: the
homepage links to all the pages of the site. In reality, especially on a
large site, the homepage would only link to a fixed number of
"sub-homepages" that in effect act as home pages for their respective
sections of the site. Those pages receive all the PR benefit. Also, most
external links (though obviously not all) are located on peripheral pages
that only get a tiny fraction of the initial front page?s page rank being
located behind one or two internal links from the front page. So, there is
always a PR 'leak', but it is normally negligibly small. It also means
that if you managed to get linked from a website, you get so little
benefit unless you're linked to from a front page or at the very least
behind only one link from the front page.

> Would this not motivate preservation of links whereby people use
redirections like
> example.org/go.php to avoid loss of PageRank? 

Don?t forget ignorance, too. I just started a topic here yesterday whereby
I have found that I was accidentally sending all outbound traffic from a
site through a script in /cgi-bin/ that was disallowed to robots. 

> Conclusion: When judging sites based on their PageRank, perhaps it is
> worth adding the factor of size? Perhaps traffic ranks, e.g. Netscarft and
> Alexa, are worth counting too?

The size factor adds automatically by the virtue of number of links to the
site?s homepage. The search engines suppose to distinguish between
internal and external links, therefore they know the size of the site. 
Netscarft? (Netcraft?) I?m not familiar with, but please don?t add Alexa
rank to anything. It?s hard to find less distorted site rank than Alexa?s.
Your site ranks will then depend on Alexa?s marketing efforts to spread
their toolbar, which is then blocked by most anti-spam software.

> Implications: site that use scale to dominate SERP's might divert
> attention to wrong pages that market them badly. This discourages Web growth,
> which is a no-no.

That?s too far fetched IMHO. Sites grow for plenty of different reasons,
and you have control over your (internal) links. Therefore you have full
control of what pages you want to boost a PR of by linking to them. I
don?t see how that would discourage anyone from growing their sites?

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