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Bigger Site, Lower PageRank

Here is a thought...

Perhaps it is obvious or possibly a well-known fact. As a site grows, I
believe it has tendencies to have its PageRank depleted unless it manages
to keep expanding. Why?

First of all, inbound links are distributed over a larger number of pages,
some of which are islands. Moreover, imagine the following scenario:

Site example.org has 2 pages that are linked (internally) from its main
page. Each of these two pages links /back/ to the main page and also
contains an external link. What if that front page contained 10 such
internal links including external links within? 'Energy' dilution and
depletion due to external links, right? Would this not motivate
preservation of links whereby people use redirections like
example.org/go.php to avoid loss of PageRank? I see this happening already,
but people I have contacted on the matter stick to denial. One of them,
whose opinion I highly value, said that he want to track outbound traffic.
Is it not as bad and narrow-minded academics who cite themselves and their
close friends?

Conclusion: When judging sites based on their PageRank, perhaps it is worth
adding the factor of size? Perhaps traffic ranks, e.g. Netscarft and Alexa,
are worth counting too?

Implications: site that use scale to dominate SERP's might divert attention
to wrong pages that market them badly. This discourages Web growth, which
is a no-no.


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