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Re: A Bitter Linux User in a World Dominated by an Inferior O/S

__/ [Roy Culley] on Friday 14 October 2005 04:43 \__

> begin  risky.vbs
> <1129232375.802367.325800@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> "tab" <trentallenblack@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>I have yet another reason to hate Windows with /passion/. My Linux
>>>>server has come under heavy attacks by Windows machine that had >been
>>>hijacked and it's putting my Web host in jeopardy. Motive? >Referrer spam
>>>that comes with the visits en masse.
> Wonderful bit of quoting there sonny. Want to be taken seriously? Then
> take a little pride in how you format your posts. Works wonders.
>> This is just pure crap.  Linux advocates don't need this kind of
>> trash.
> I agree, your crap is a service to no one. Least of all yourselg.
>> If Windows were not the dominating OS in the world, then whatever OS
>> dominated, would be pounding your server.  Think before you post.
> You should learn to think. His DDoS is most likely from trojaned
> Windows boxes. You can thank MS for producing an OS that makes it so
> easy for pc"s to be owned. They then add a firewall (cough) that lets
> these infected pc's contact home for directions. I suppose we should
> look on the bright side. This could be regarded as a form of grid
> computing. :-)
>> Give me your servers addy, so I can hammer it with spam from Linux,
>> and you will feel better.
>> <<< can he really be this stupid? >>>
> Nope, but you clearly are.

Thanks, Roy.


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