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Re: Linux USB Boot from a Palm Tungsten T5

__/ [MHasenoehrl@xxxxxxx] on Friday 14 October 2005 14:54 \__

> Maybe I did not make myself clear.
> I do *not* want to run Linux on the Palm device.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

> I only want to boot Linux on a PC *from* the Palm as USB-device, i.e. I
> put the Palm in "DriveMode", plug it in, set the PC-BIOS to boot from
> USB-device and then want the PC to boot a Linux from my Palm.

I heard of IBM doing this with an iPod recently:


> So: Does anybody know how to do this?
> Many thanks!

I am not the best person to ask, but here is a related link:


__/ [Dekaritae] on Saturday 15 October 2005 03:51 \__

> Does your T|5 show up in your computer's BIOS boot order at boot as a
> USB/external/removable disk? If so, then if you move it's boot order
> position above that of your IDE drives, you will be able to boot from it.

Exactly my initial thoughts. I have never seen a Flash boot in my own eyes.
I use a Live CD on occasions, but that's as far as it has ever gotten.

> This is assuming that you are able to reformat your card to a
> file-system that can boot a distro of Linux and still be readable by the
> T|5. Or possibly you might be able to get a version of Linux on UMSDOS
> to be bootable.
>    http://linux.voyager.hr/umsdos/
> You will have better luck with a USB card reader, as most of those are
> designed to operate as USB key-like devices, and will almost assuredly
> be recognized by the BIOS and bootable, regardless of the file-system.

I trust your words. *smile*


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