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Re: Linux Will Do it Much Faster Than Your Imagine

__/ [peterwn] on Saturday 15 October 2005 05:00 \__

> Hey, Linus Yale invented his new fangled cylinder lock in the 1840's,
> it took 50 or so years for Yale to come up with the idea for
> 'multiplex' keyways that were needed for big masterkey systems for
> universities etc (the first one being at the Surety Building, New
> York), and another 60+ years for for the next round of meaningful
> developments such as Medeco (the developer, a Yale subcontractor,
> offered the idea to Yale, but Yale was not interested).  Yale now means
> little having been subsumed into ASSA-Abloy, along with Corbin,
> Russwin, etc etc.
> So a decade or two gestation for Linux seem pretty short.

You are comparing physical with meta-physical here, so this attempted
analogy, which surely counts as an exception, does not truly apply.

I should, however, point out that proprietary is going to slow down the
change in tide and buy Microsoft some time (if they ever get their sh**
together before it's too later). The conversion of data is a
labour-intensive task (I know because I had to migrate plenty of diverse
data), which luckily is eased by Open Source projects on their own right.
Thunderbird, for example, is now able to import both mail and settings
(without any lossy transitions) from Microsoft clients. Firefox likewise,
cookies included. Let us add DVD Jon's reverse engineering of Microsoft
media formats, Google Talk and the rise of W3C impact.


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