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Re: Server 2003 and Linux: Goliath and David

__/ [Robert Newson] on Saturday 15 October 2005 10:52 \__

> ...
>> Linux machines can endure that stuff without sweating. I have has no
>> memory leaks and as a matter of fact, the last time I shut down this
>> machine, it was for no particular reason. I can't recall ever being
>> forced a downtime
>> on this work-thirsty desktop machine. We are talking  about the past 2
>> years here. And no, I was never forced to re-compile my kernel either.
> The only time I have been forced to recompile my kernel was after I had
> prviously recompiled it in a more optimised way, ie leaving out all the
> features I didn't use (or need), and required one of those missing
> features.
> The only times I tend to power down these days is when I'm away for a few
> days, or adding hardware inside the case.  Very-very-very rarely do I duel
> (sic) reboot into Windows when I absolutely have to use a legacy package.

Glad to hear your consent, Robert. I personally prefer not to shut down even
when I go away because:

* I run many cron jobs

* I run a server on my work machine (on-the-fly screenshots every few
minutes). If I ever reboot, not only will requests be turned away, but also
I will have to restart the server (yes, I know I can automate that, but if
I never reboot, what for?)

* I recently used a Live CD to SSH to this machine when I was away on
vacation. I also SSH to it from another 2 Linux machines that I use
elsewhere. This keeps all files, bookmarks, cookies, etc. synchronised.
This machine is like the 'mother ship', the host to all others so it must
always be ready to serve.

Regarding Windows partition, I used to have one (not set up by myself), but
it was never used (for months at a time) so I shifted to a dual-boot Linux,
got some extra writable disk space and brought the Windows duel (sic) to an


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