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Re: billwg

__/ [7] on Saturday 15 October 2005 10:50 \__

> billwg wrote:
>> LOL!!! You are living in a tree
> Talkin of trees(!), I note you are still thick as a plank donating all
> your free time free of charge to micoshit attacking free
> software, growing poorer all the time, whilst micoshat executives
> are drawing huge circles in the air and laughing all the way to
> their bank! And like a thick plank of wood, you go around
> claiming you are doing it for fun adding inches to your thickness.
> An even thicker plank than DFS but at least he has got his own fun
> 'standards' to adhere to not unlike Funkenbush and his means
> to obtaining fun.

I wonder if there is evidence to suggest that some of the wintrolls in this
group are directly or indirectly funded by Microshaft and/or its allies. I
am rather new to this newsgroup, so I continue to look for subtle clues.

> Then there is that small issue of everyone identifying you as a troll
> and an idiot and it has still not clued you in that you are just
> an idiot troll.
> It may be that astroturfing for micoshaft and their mentoring
> in their ways has turned you into a fool. To unfool yourself,
> you need to look in the mirror and describe what you see.



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