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Re: NEAR in Search Engines

__/ [zenboom] on Saturday 15 October 2005 09:32 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dips1l$ibm$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Noticedtrends] on Friday 14 October 2005 20:33 \__
> <snip>
>> >  Initial search queries in most search-engines recognize the wildcard
>> >  character "*" within two keywords in quotations -- very-much like the
>> >  Boolean NEAR; locating examples of keywords very close to each other.
>> >  Same applies for current month, wildcard chacrater, & year.
> Search-engine
>> >  results note "..." within text if keywords don't match month, any
>> >  date, year.
>> >
>> > Any considerations for applying NEAR search options in most
>> > search-engines?
>> I think it would not have much interest among the users. Judging by logs,
>> 99.9% of queries will probably /not/ contain quotes, pluses, minuses and
>> the like.
>> Whether Google weigh these much (I remember the days of using AltaVista
> when
>> these were crucial skills), I do not know, but often the effect of these
>> symbols on SEPR's is futile to say the least. I am sorry to be
>> narrow-minded here because I only know Google well enough and I barely
> ever
>> use Yahoo. There is another big player... something that begin with an M,
>> but I was told it's cr**.
>> The improved quality of results due to query complexity is only in the
> mind
>> of the user. Plenty of room for improvements remains, but with
>> googlebytes of data already indexed, changing the method of indexing
>> would involve a complete data retension overhaul. It also might involve
>> /risk/ as the effects of re-indexing are not understood until vast
>> amounts of data get processed. Moreover, hand-tweaked search results go
>> down the chute.
> <snip>
> :p Anyone that can't be bothered to express themselves clearly deserves to
> wade through irrelevant responses! Search operators need to be developed,
> not dropped! Will Google et al somehow get much better at guessing what's
> on my mind before I decide to move to a service with better tools ??
> fergettaboudit!

Forget about extra tools to complement a keywork-based search. Do the
rational thing and go sematic; see the bottom of my sig.


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