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Code is Comedy, Linux is Nudity

It's Saturday today, so let's have a light break from political and
technical argumentative verbage. Let us take on a different stream of
consciousness, which I believe can be enlightening on a more generic level.

Use of Windows in the workplace is all just matter of norm. Let us think of
it as clothing. One might suggest that nudity should be natural and widely
accepted, but it is not. Our human nature is something to be embarrassed
of. We are 'flawed' out of the box. To compensate for this we obey the rule
which says that our body on its own is incomplete. We all wear clothes as
it became the norm over tens of thousands of year, also as an evolutionary

You can still see tribes in Africa where nudity is rather acceptable
(Ubuntu?). Unlike animals, humans have travelled and had sufficient
intelligent to clothe themselves. Thus, humans were adapting to climatic
changes over the years and have reached as far as Siberia. As a matter of
adaptation, in the modern world, where clothing is highly essential
(imagine being fully exposed in European winters), it has become the normal
sight to the eye so anything else seems abhorrent and its tolerance is

What, for example, did you think when you read the subject line? Wintroll,
right? Well, nudist colonies are still considered a form of social
rebbelion, but should they? Is anything that perceives /freedom/ as a
/healthy/ state of affairs be frowned upon?

I hope you can see how the example above relates to the scope of this
newsgroup. (hint: Exposure = Openness)


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