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Re: Ok, KDE rules

__/ [John Bailo] on Saturday 15 October 2005 16:36 \__

> So, I was browsing through articles about Africa on Wikipedia, having been
> inspired by my debate with the racist DFS.
> At the same time I was listing to groups that sound like "John Lennon" on
> the Last.FM streaming music station.
> And I had my email/scheduler open because I was thinking of going to the
> TACLUG (tacoma linux users group) meeting today.
> So, while browsing in Konqueror, using the mouse scroll wheel, my cursor
> sliped to the bottom of the screen, the taskbar.   Suddenly my apps
> started
> flipping!   Wow, I can scroll through each application by mousing on the
> open apps in the taskbar and moving the wheel up or down!
> Man, if the world only knew how great Linux is and weren't suppressed by
> the Evil Gate$ empire.

KDE is great and I use it whenever I can. I still use 2 Ubuntu machines at
time and only then do I realise how badly I need KDE with ever-changing
wallpapers and an infinite arsenal of supposedly 'hidden' features.

Here is how you can improve on what you do above:

* Install XBindKeys if it is not installed already

* Add to your .xbindkeys (or equiv. at different path) all your
frequently-used applications if not all that you ever use, e.g.

          "konsole -T 'SuSE Linux - Penguins become Reptiles' &"

          "kfmclient openProfile filemanagement &"

          "kfmclient openProfile filepreview &"

          "kwrite &"

          "kssh &"


* Assuming singleton, hitting CTRL+ALT+key (where key should be a good
mnemonic) will open your desired application in a snap. If it is minimised,
expect it to be maximised at speed of will.



PS - I think you miscomprehended the point of my previous post.

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