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Re: Shopping Directory Sites

__/ [Logician] on Sunday 16 October 2005 06:17 \__

> My sales suddenly boomed after I placed a few ads at shopping directory
> sites, and my socks are knocked off. The results are incredible.
> Since I have all the data for 20,000 items, I can just add it in a CSV
> file - it takes about 5 mins.
> I paid £70, and got about £10000 in sales in the first 4 weeks.
> Does anyone have a list of shopping directory sites?
> I am using uk.shopping and shopzilla. I looked around and saw
> pricegrabber and pricerunner, but I have not tried them.
> I dont want kelkoo as they use ebay links, and the ebayers selling at
> cost+7% - I would earn more at my local hamburger restuarant.

Back when I was shopping on-line (I don't buy anything these days), I used:



They are still in my personal portal and are probably some of the first
links to be embedded in it.

For computers (in the States particularly?) I recently added a link too:


I found it somewhere among the portal links of someone whose credentials are
very high, but he lives in California

Hope it helps,


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