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Re: SemWeb

__/ [Andy Dingley] on Sunday 16 October 2005 15:33 \__

> On Sun, 16 Oct 2005 08:32:49 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I contacted the father of the semantic Web on Friday. He lives here in
>>Manchester, so I hope to get a reply or an opinion face-to-face...
> Which Manchester-based father of SemWeb is that ?  There are several
> candidates!
> This is a very interesting topic, has been for some years, and
> Manchester Uni is one of the hotbeds of work on it. You should take a
> look at what Ian Horrocks' group have been doing.

He is the one whom I contacted, formerly Carole Goble's student. Very young
and highly influential already:


He was my lecturer a few years ago and I happen to be an external student in
that department, which is headed by my Ph.D. supervisor.


Somebody whose article I read today used the term Web 2.1 in a different
context, so let's call DAML, microformats and the like Web 3.0. Maybe Web
2.0 will never be actualised because so-called 3.0 will reach there first
and overtake it.

Do you believe that some time in the future books and text will become
useless and ambiguous form of information that can go down the bin? Will we
formulate knowledge precisely rather than compose it in what we now call
"natural language"? A controversial contention such as this is more likely
to get me enemies, so I'll stop...


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