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Re: Indexing as Opposed to Intelligent Algorithms

__/ [Logician] on Sunday 16 October 2005 08:15 \__

> Noticedtrends wrote:
>> mbstevens wrote:
>> > Noticedtrends wrote:
>> Great idea; it's not going to happen anytime soon. Human inputs &
>> intuition are needed for filtering out the truth from lies; just as
>> human feedback is needed for discerning...........emerging trends!
> No. The solution is intelligent algorithms:
> Do the questions below all mean the same thing -  a man walks into a
> shop and asks:
> How much is that?
> What is the price?
> What is the cost?
> What is the selling price?
> What's the price tag?
> How much do you sell that for?
> May I buy that, how much?
> What's the damage if I have that one?
> ... plus a hundred more
> Google is indexing WORDS and not meaning of words/paragraphs. That is
> why it is not an intelligent alogrithm.

Which is /exactly/ the issue I hope to resolve with http://iuron.com . I
contacted the father of the semantic Web on Friday. He lives here in
Manchester, so I hope to get a reply or an opinion face-to-face...


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