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Re: Brand New Meta Search

__/ [David Dyer-Bennet] on Monday 17 October 2005 01:53 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> In WordPress mailing lists, we have just been in touch with the developer
>> of gada.be who has enormous reputation due to past contributions. He has
>> just unleashed an engine which I urge you to take for a spin:
>> http://gada.be/
> Interesting grpahics and use of URLs.  But in 5 searches so far, it
> hasn't found anything actually relevant to the things searched for,
> all of which I can easily find in Google and elsewhere.

You might be missing some crucial points:

< http://gada.be/about >

    * Save time, page loads, and keystrokes
    * Get vendor-neutral results from fantastic resources

My comment: I told him to get rid of spam, usually tracing back to Blogspot.

    * Output OPML for easy importing into news aggregators
    * Link your tags to gada.be for more comprehensive results
    * Load with slow connections, Treos, PSP, dial-up, cell phones

My comment: Will become a big deal in the near future.

    * Search through an ever-expanding set of results
    * Navigate a simple subdirectory structure, quick to key-in
    * Run it on either desktop-based or mobile devices
    * View or subscribe to results in RSS

My comment: So you can detect /change/.

    * Get full access without needing to register


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