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Re: Donate Buttons

__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Sunday 16 October 2005 16:26 \__

>> 7 wrote:
>>>You want to make a living from software?
>> Why not? What you have said I know now, that this is almost impossible.
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>I have an mate who started a Web-based AJAX feeds aggregator months ago
>> Well, my friends also were starting many things, didn't often finished
>> them, me too.
>> Only rich people can do worth things. From where they have money to
>> start various projects, to be last standing in their sectors.
> I can't say I that disagree.
> Bundling of software and re-use of one's reputation, logo and
> staff-inherent skills is something that is hard to beat.
> Roy

> __/ [johny_cage] on Sunday 16 October 2005 16:10 \__
> Just putting "Donate me, if you want" statement, doesn't always work.

It rarely does from what I hear. WordPress, for example, a project that (at
the time) had about 300,000 downloads, received only dozens of donations as
the lead developer once revealed. WordPress, I may stress, is a CMS, which
means it typically runs entire Web sites -- the very core of many
businesses or people's lives. I perhaps made the exception when I sent a
cheque to the lead develop very early on.

The conclusion of the matter is that "Make a donation" is just a neat button
that almost never gets pressed, let alone leads to a payment being made.
What I recommend you do is focus not on the money, but think what you can
do for society. Software can easily have an impact on many people's lives,
which in itself is more rewarding than money. Trust me, I know from my
scarce experience...

The time I spend here in COLA (this newsgroup), for instance, is a greater
delight than most vocations I have ever embarked on. Why? This is a
community that serves a purpose rather than discuss non-practical matters
and end up as verbage.


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