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Re: Higher TCO is Better for the Enterprise

On Sunday 16 October 2005 20:14, Roy Schestowitz stood up and spoke the
following words to the masses in /comp.os.linux.advocacy...:/

> __/ [Aragorn] on Sunday 16 October 2005 18:56 \__
<snip >

>> Yes, we could add that Windows makes people happy because Windows is
>> based upon greed and aimed towards users with lower intelligence, and
>> people are greedy and unwilling to think. ;-)
> Allow me to add some context. I work in an academic  environment but 
> I am also involved in the IT services. I can't foresee a situation 
> where the head of IT  turns  away  money, saying to the Vice
> Chancellor:  "We are very grateful for your budgetary allocations, but
> we do not need 2 million pounds to retain our network  infrastructure
> (made up example). Moreover, we would like to clarify that most of our
> existing staff will have merely no duties as the computers these days
> are highly endurable, in contrary to a past state-of-affairs."
> Windows leaves people in the same morbid state that  they  have 
> gotten accustomed to and quite complacement with. Any  infiltration 
> of Linux into the machine room and cluster would mean that the IT
> manager will, in due time, have to post more letters sacking redundant
> staff. Money would surely be saved due to the lower cost of  machines
> (I  bought my last Linux box for GBP 140+tax),  software, and  staff 
> running around saying to the people "well, the E-mail you composed was
> lost when the computer crashed, so let's try to re-surrect it". It
> doesn't work. Linux has simply outperformed humanity and breaks a
> certain equilibrium in a world that was supposedly (IT bubble) going
> to be filled with computer geeks and IT professionals. They are barely
> needed, so let's just face that fact and re-adapt. If you need proof,
> see earlier thread titl- ed "killing me softly", which I think is an
> excellent phrase/song title to express what is happening in our 
> industry due to Linux and OSS.
> It is a blessing, not a curse. Let's just learn to accept it.

Well, there is of course an industrial turn-over because of the
difference in reliability between Windows and Gnu/Linux, but I for one
don't agree with the over-industrialization in our society.

There was a time when the industry was conceived to fulfill the needs of
the people, but we all know that by now, the industry is overproducing
and people are being manipulated into the consumption of goods they
never really had a need for.  The stock market itself is already a
clear example of how wrong our society's priorities are.

If we're therefore going to be philosophical, then I would suggest that
a re-evaluation of our society is due.  Gnu/Linux could therefore also
easily be deployed for what it's proven to be so good at: scientific

The economy is not what's good for humanity.  The economy is what
manipulates humanity.  Science is good for humanity, and science alone
will lead us into the next era.  

Gnu/Linux was _born_ from science.  What better platform could there be
to usher in that new era? ;-)
With kind regards,

(Registered Gnu/Linux user #223157)

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