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Re: Higher TCO is Better for the Enterprise

__/ [William Poaster] on Sunday 16 October 2005 19:39 \__

> On Sun, 16 Oct 2005 19:14:27 +0100, a broadcast message from the Roy
> Schestowitz console, was as follows:
> <snipped for brevity>
>> Allow me to add some context. I work in an academic  environment but  I
>> am
>> also involved in the IT services. I can't foresee a situation  where the
>> head of IT  turns  away  money, saying to the Vice Chancellor:  "We are
>> very grateful for your budgetary allocations, but we do not need  2
>> million pounds to retain our network  infrastructure (made up example).
>> Moreover, we would like to clarify that most of our existing staff will
>> have merely no duties as the computers these days are highly endurable,
>> in contrary to a past state-of-affairs."
> Would this be at the Computing Centr3 down Oxford Road, Roy, on the left
> hand side going out of Manchest3r?

Yes, but try not to go that route in this discussion as it may get me  in
trouble. In fact, I have just edited your text above to avoid being 'Goo-
gled' for sensitive content.

I have demonstrated (in a friendly manner) in the past and tried persuad-
ing those in head of Software to at least have some choice  in the public
clusters. I was even willing to settle  down for  some shiny  and  by all
means expensive Apple Macs. I could only get that usual Microshafer cock-
y smile at best.


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