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Linux on the Handheld/Mobile/Tablet is Near

Some of you have possibly heard about the Nokia 770. For those who haven't:



   The Finnish mobile firm had originally expected the Tablet,
   which runs on Linux-based software, to enter the market be-
   fore the end of September.


I personally use a Palm and I was deeply disappointed with the move which
had the Treo run Pocket PC. Palm were committed to Linux for quite some
time, but were recently taken over by a Japanese giant, so the future is
uncertain and past promises or planned strategies should now be taken with
a grain of salt.

I started to explore alternative paths and the Nokia 770 is one of these. I
have just been reminded that it would not be surprising if Nokia dumped
that rusty Symbian altogether and implemented a port of the existing GUI to
run on the Linux kernel. From the article above, it sure seems as if the
codebase will be made available for other devices as well. I think the
device will be ready by Christmas, so expect a homebred Linux distro for
mobile devices. It can then be sold to other vendors which will mark yet
another revolution -- the entry of Linux into the mobile phones, handheld
PDA's, tablets, etc. First the servers, then the desktop and soon a penguin
in everyone's pocket


PS - I think I'll post an extended version of this idea later. I have plenty
more to say, but it slides off the theme of Linux to Web 2.0 and such, at
least in my mind.

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