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Re: Iuron Registration (Formerly AdWords)

__/ [David] on Monday 17 October 2005 16:05 \__

> On Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:21:33 GMT, info_at_1-script_dot_com@xxxxxxx
> (www.1-script.com) wrote:
>>David wrote:
>>> If you get 500 page impressions a day realistically the most you could
>>> make from Adsense is a few dollars a day, $5+ a day if your content is
>>> highish cost keywords and you ugly up your site a bit.
>>Thing is: Roy needs to get his priorities straight. He either wants to be
>>able to cover his hosting expenses and, potentially, support his future
>>projects or not. If he does, a lot can be done with 500 page views per
>>day. In my mind, there is nothing that stands between Roy and his ability
>>to afford a dedicated server and have some spare money to buy books needed
>>for his projects and then some.
> Absolutely a few dollars a day from Adsense is realistic for his site
> (could make more IMO), $3 a day is over $1,000 a year which easily
> covers an inexpensive unmanaged dedicated server.

I am not sure it is a wise use of time. I am referring to ad content
optimisation a la:


>>It's all in his head. But then, again, he
>>is not much different from the rest of us in this sense ;-)
> I used to use Adsense a lot like Roy has and it doesn't make you much
> money. I fell into the belief it's the Adsense program at fault, so
> not worth the trouble of putting time into it. By luck I made a design
> that put the ad unit in the right place and I saw the potential and
> did the research.
> His loss I suppose.
> David

I am skeptic as you have been proven in the past to be a pathological liar.
No offence intended, but Bill could say a little more. That's his job in
this newsgroup, which keeps it entertaining -- a network of partners,
reciprocity, and foes.


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