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Re: Iuron Registration (Formerly AdWords)

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Monday 17 October 2005 14:32 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> $0.80 for 1400 visits? That's $0.57 CPM. Roy, you need help. Let
>>> me know
>>> if you want it.
>> I am aware that I mention some figures above. Due to my ad programme
>> agreements, I am not saying anything about who is behind it, neither am
>> I
>> allowed to. You can judge for yourselves though. The figures make it
>> clear
>> why I am not allowed to discuss this either.
> Hi Roy,
> I know the rules so I'm not saying you need to publish any numbers here.
> Besides, my own estimate is a bit off 'cause I do not know how many
> pageviews *your* visit represents, and we'd need pages to come up with a
> CPM value. It?s actually worse 'cause some visits represent multiple page
> views ;-) I just wanted to make it a point that it's way way low right
> now.
> Drop me an e-mail if you want to discuss optimization of your ads.

I'm not truly bothered about it since these 'margins', if I may call them
margins -- that is where I have to fund Web hosting for my sites -- are
affordable, even for a student.

Speaking of affordability, I have just registered Iuron with
Sourceforge.net. I chose the BSD licence for reasons which I believe to be
valid. I already have 2 projects on sf.net and one on freshmeat.net. If you
are willing to join in and help, let me know. I have the advantage of
Sourceforge and Freshmeat familiarity and orientation, I think.

When I come to think of it, I ought to consider the implications of a BSD
licensing (this can still be changed later), which may prevent re-use of
GPL'd project, of which there are plenty. So much code is available and
'splicing' them together can hopefully lead to achievement. I can think of
plenty of missing bits and resources (databases) though...


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