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Re: Justify and/or Hyphenate ASCII Input

__/ [rossz] on Monday 17 October 2005 06:58 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> This may be somewhat unrelated to this group, but I can't think of  where
>> else it fits. Is it possible to take text such as the text I am composing
>> at the very moment and then, given some value of width, fit it to a rect-
>> angular block where both justification (using space insertion) and hyphe-
>> nation (a la LaTeX) are  determined  wisely?  I  can  think  of  possible
>> issues such as spellchecking and indexing, but they don't appear to deter
>> me much.
> Automagically, not really.  You can manually insert the soft hyphen
> (­) into your document.  IE and Opera support it, Firefox as of 1.04
> does not.  I have not tested it on a recent version of Firefox.
> It is conceivable to write a script (perl or php) that takes text input
> and spits it out with soft hyphens embedded.  I remember there being
> some basic rules for hyphenation, with a small list of exceptions for
> words that did not fit into the rules.
> ===
> I just did a test.  Soft hyphens are still not supported in Firefox 1.0.7.

I am sorry to be such a disappointment, but perhaps I was not explicit
enough as to what I was trying to apply this to and what I sought to
achieve. I imagined that the subject line would be a good clarification,
but the context (newsgroup) evaded me.

I am hoping to be able to apply this method to text such as that which I
write in this very message, i.e. simple and plain ASCII. I want to have a
little tool that will take as input this text and give me something that
appears nicer in terms of layout.


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