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Re: Justify and/or Hyphenate ASCII Input

__/ [Jukka K. Korpela] on Monday 17 October 2005 12:21 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I am sorry to be such a disappointment, but perhaps I was not explicit
>> enough as to what I was trying to apply this to and what I sought to
>> achieve. I imagined that the subject line would be a good
>> clarification, but the context (newsgroup) evaded me.
> Well, your question was completely off-topic. Many people in alt.html
> understand this as a catchall group, but that's rather unconstructive.
> A group for anything isn't suitable for anything.

You're quite right, but I see this newsgroup as somewhat of a community with
content composition skills. I don't just see it as a very narrow and
focused group where posts can end up reaching a point of complete halt. But
overall, I agree, I should have been more selective.

>> I am hoping to be able to apply this method to text such as that which
>> I write in this very message, i.e. simple and plain ASCII.
> So why don't you try and find a group that discusses such matters? The
> group comp.text comes into my mind. Of course, you would need to explain
> your problem and situation clearly there, in order to get useful answers.
> You haven't even told anything about the environment (BSD or System V
> UNIX?).

What I had in mine is just some simple C (or equiv.) function that I can
compile regardless of the platform. Introduction of the O/S did not appear
to me as a necessity.

>> I want to
>> have a little tool that will take as input this text and give me
>> something that appears nicer in terms of layout.
> You would need to define "little", "nicer", and "layout". But there are
> surely programs that do such things - they have existed for decades, long
> before HTML was invented. Justification of plain text was found to be bad
> idea long ago, but surely there is software for it.

Thanks, I'll carry on looking.


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