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Re: Windows Users Who 'Want' to Migrate

__/ [Thomas Wootten] on Monday 17 October 2005 10:21 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> ...
>> Don't worry... I give them no more than a few years. Nokia might soon
>> unveil their Linux-based platform for tablets, mobile phones, and PDA's.
>> I'll talk about it more later today.
>> Roy
> ...
> MS have so much money they're here to stay for longer than that. What
> exactly will become of Windows is anyone's guess, but I reckon MS will
> remain in business.

I was actually thinking about a crushing domination. In 5 years, if 25% (or
more) of the market uses non-Windows operating systems, balance would have
to shift and re-adjust positively. Office documents, for example, would be
a taboo unless of course they evolve (READ: open up). Likewise, commercial
software would be more dead than ever before:



   Is the enterprise software business dying? Is anybody out there buying
   new licenses? Based on news from the past few weeks, it seems that th-
   ere are very few buyers. The collapse of new  licensing revenue  isn?t
   news ? it started five  years ago ? but the latest news makes it  look 
   like a permanent and accelerating fact of life for software vendors.



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