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Re: A Bitter Linux User in a World Dominated by an Inferior O/S

__/ [Handover Phist] on Thursday 13 October 2005 07:16 \__

> 7 blithely blithered
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> I have yet another reason to hate Windows with /passion/. My Linux
>>> server has come under heavy attacks by Windows machine that had been
>>> hijacked and it's putting my Web host in jeopardy. Motive? Referrer spam
>>> that comes with the visits en masse.
>>> I am unable to work. All I do is merely investigate my Apache options
>>> for filtering and looking at logs. It's 5 AM over here and I am
>>> struggling for survival as Windows zombies continue to hammer me. To
>>> anyone who says that Windows is not harmful to the world, use /that/ to
>>> argue for the contrary.
>>> Had there been no stickin', rusty Windows, I'd be able to do some real
>>> work. I can think of many other moves and strategies at Microsoft that
>>> encouraged spam in the past decade or two. Hate spam? Blame Microsoft.
>>> Roy
>> Sue M$ and never settle and make it stick for M$ to be
>> knowingly shipping faulty products that has brought harm
>> to your business so that others can sue on top.
>> With shipping knowingly 60,000 bugs per release, they will
>> have to prove the bugs they are shipping hasn't harmed you.

Are you suggesting class action?

> You know you just advised someone to sue another party that has billions
> in the bank and has just taken on tons of others on the legal realm (no
> matter that they lost, matters that they learned). Not smart. Use the
> tools available. Make them not exist on the network.

Exactly my thoughts when I read 7's posts. I was merely being sarcastic when
ever mentioning lawsuits. I have a draft on the very same theme/topic in my
Palm... soon to go up to my blog. No sleep, no food, no exercise.... just
logs, logs, logs. No fun...

That's exactly what I meant yesterday when I said in this group that Windows
failure is costing me health too. If you stand for nothing, you'll fall
(victim) to virtually anything...


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