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Re: Windows Users Who 'Want' to Migrate

__/ [Marshall] on Monday 17 October 2005 04:28 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> There appears to be hundreds of them all over the world, China and Russia
>> in particular.
> Now, in spite of me posting from a Windows box, please don't get me
> wrong. I hate Gates and company, I would be pleased to see them DIAF
> (really).
> But, we need to be honest about something here.
> Those countries, represent where a great number of thieves are. It would
> be much more unlikely to be getting DOS attacks from Windows boxes that
> were up to date.
> Which is another reason I detest many smug Windows users. They profess
> love for Windows but at the same time mock others for buying it. What
> incredible gall.

Excellent point. A colleague of mine openly admitted that he wants to
migrate to Linux. He probably feels worried that nobody would hold his
hand, metaphorically speaking, throughout the process. When I tell him that
he ought to use Firefox rather Internet Explorer, he protests. He then
reveals that he hate Linux deep inside.

It's very much like a stubborn dog that approaches you with a freesbee in
his mouth, actually wanting you to have it, but still biting it hard,
groaning and barking.

> The best thing Microsoft could do for the world is come up with a full
> proof licensing scheme.
> Unfortunately, they are (I think...) smart enough to realize that, that
> would be their demise.

Don't worry... I give them no more than a few years. Nokia might soon unveil
their Linux-based platform for tablets, mobile phones, and PDA's. I'll talk
about it more later today.


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