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Re: Microsoft Sabotage Linux Adoption

__/ [Paul Hovnanian P.E.] on Wednesday 19 October 2005 04:18 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "Outspoken IT consultant John H. Terpstra believes that Microsoft and
>> electronics manufacturers are working together to hinder the adoption of
>> Linux on the desktop. In a three part series, he tells a story about how
>> two guys trying to buy Linux desktops found they were overpriced, and
>> lacked certain tools. He then describes how Microsoft uses its
>> considerable resources and the law to create such roadblocks."
>> In the article, I have collected some selected bits that appear to fit
>> with a recurring theme that we see:
>> * Laptops whose price is actually lowered because of the inclusion of
>> Windows (I mentioned this before in the context of Dell, but it is not
>> only Dell)
> This by itself is quite interesting. I wonder if this could be the
> foundation for an anti product dumping lawsuit. Giving software away for
> free is (questionably) legal because the marginal cost of one additional
> copy of that s/w approaches zero. But I'd like to se the legal defense
> that it is negative.

Let me phrase this in a simple and easily-digestable form:

  "Money is being spent on making FREE more expensive"

See the self-contradiction? Call it a loophole or call it failure of the
juridical system.

My modest take on the subject...


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