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Re: Google Adsense

__/ [paris] on Wednesday 19 October 2005 07:22 \__

> I just recently added google adsense to my website.  I'm glad I did
> too!  I'm making quite a bit more from google adsense than I was
> using fastclick.com banners.
> After adding google adsense, I was doing pretty good, however, I
> figured I could be doing better.  So, I looked up some google adsense
> tips sites, took their advice, applied it to my site, and boy, it
> worked! I'm doing better now because of it!
> But I do have a couple of questions.  Firstly,  I am real new to google
> adsense.  And they say something like, if I am just starting out, I
> have to wait for a pin# to be mailed to me, and then after receiving
> the pin#, I have to input that pin# into the google adsense website in
> order to get paid.  Has anyone gone through this?  How long do you
> normally have to wait for the pin# to be mailed to you?  And, after
> inserting the pin# into the google adsense website, do they start
> paying you what they owe you straight away?
> Secondly,  I have been to a few google adsense websites. But, do any of
> you have any other suggestions on where I can go for google adsense
> tips? such as sites, discussion groups and the like?
> Whatever info and advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Paris

One  interesting  and constructive thing you can do is tailor the ads  and
adapt  them to the real content, thereby helping AdSense (i.e. the  adver-
tisers in turn) get desired contextual placement and helping your visitors
get  relevant links that fit well the topic you discuss. You are then more
likely to get clickthroughs too. See, for example, the discusssion here:


The principal idea is tagging. Writing many pages about asbestos might in-
crease your profits, but will leads to advertisers and visitors who frown.


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