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Re: CP Leads to System Hanging

__/ [BearItAll] on Wednesday 19 October 2005 09:03 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Some  time  ago I asked about limiting scp and it turned out that I had  a
>> version  of  scp that did not support the -l option. I have  now  resolved
>> that  issue, but it turns out that the CPU is crippled just as badly  when
>> -l is forced, which means that I cannot work properly (unless I am away).
>> Either  way, I have yet another issue, which is similar in nature. I occa-
>> sionally,  almost on a daily basis, copy (cp) large files from one  parti-
>> tion  to  another. If the Konqueror interface is used (copy & paste),  the
>> speed  of the transfer makes interaction quite graceful regardless of  the
>> transfer.  However,  since I scripted the cp command and cp is  very  CPU-
>> greedy  (as  anything  else that relies on the round-robin  scheduling  in
>> *nix),  even 'nice' does not make the environment workable. If I leave  an
>> application  alone  (idle) for a second, cp 'steals' all the resources  it
>> can.  I am approaching almost a halt, in particular at I/O-level (applica-
>> tions  run  fine) for several minutes. I have looked at the man pages  for
>> cp, but couldn't immediately find a remedy.
>> So,  my question is: can cp have limits imposed? Will these limits, as  in
>> the case of scp (see first paragraph) affect the load? It sure seems as if
>> KDE,  being at a higher level and using cp merely as a service, is able to
>> achieve that.
>> Many thanks in advance,
>> Roy
> I found from a few distro versions ago, that major copies such as for
> backups had become almost impossible on the live system during working
> hours. rsync using it's daemon works much better, still hungry on a very
> busy server, but manageable.

Thanks for that. I'll just assume there is no easier solution and that I am
not alone in this. If anyone knows a way around this though, I'd love to
hear about it.

I usually cope by invoking the major copy less frequently than I would have
liked. It's a backup thing...

Much appreciated, BearItAll.


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