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Re: MSN Banned???

__/ [Jez] on Friday 21 October 2005 09:55 \__

> www.msn.com has gone to PR2. I wonder if it's a glitch or whether google
>   are a bit scared? Probably Bill Gates blog spamming again, he keeps
> posting comments on my blog :-)
> Jez.

I  didn't  believe it until I tried it. PageRank 2 for the  msn.com  front
page.  Hotmail.com is at PR5, but maybe it's unsurprising as only few peo-
ple  link  to it. Portals, however seem to contrast with this  opinion  of

Is  it possible that all these re-directions for the purpose of cross-site
cookie  exchange had them panelised. If so, does that not indicate a defi-
ciency  in the PageRank algorithms? It seems like some fierce  competition
has led to hostility. Am I just muddying the water perhaps?


Google,  by the way, formed a pact with Sun -- the folks behind OpenOffice
two  which was released yesterday. MS Office accounts for as much  revenue
as Windows.


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