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Re: Windows Definitely Headed for Its Death

John Bailo wrote:
> DFS wrote:
>> I'm sorry you said that about Rex's 'opinion', since it means you're
>> also not to be taken seriously.
> Huh?

You know as well as I do, and as well as the rest of cola does, that Rex
Ballard is a lying, raging, Linux lunatic who will say anything, regardless
of its outlandishness.

Roy S. seems smitten with Rex; ergo, Roy is outcasting himself.

(Roy, In case you're reading, Rex Ballard claims:

* to have written the code that "Sun reworked a bit and released as Java."

* his work lead to Linux.

* he is the source of many of the features in the original Netscape web

* he personally 'generated' the $4 billion web browser industry

"Meanwhile, I was making reccomendations to the publisher's mailing list. I
was making reccomendations on how the Mosaic browser could be modified to
provide electronic commerce, royalty distribution, and advertizing
accounting. In a few weeks, the author's of Mosaic implemented those changes
in a new browser called NetScape. After a bit of tuning and a few thousand
downloads, NetScape issued it's IPO and made headlines everywhere. In a
matter of six months, I had generated a 4 billion dollar industry."

* he wrote the initial https specifications

* he was 'unofficially' Novell CNE #5

* he invented the concept of remote procedure calls

* he sent to MS ideas they incorporated into MS-DOS

* he interviewed with MS, and they subsequently adopted 20 of his ideas into
Windows2000, but failed to offer him a job (or maybe they offered him a job,
but retracted it before he could refuse them - it's really not clear).

* within 3 to 6 months of starting work for FedEx, he generated $1 million
per day cost savings, and generated $1 million per day new revenue

When pressed for proof, Rex usually resorts to "nondisclosure agreements" or
"Google doesn't go back that far" or "Byte Magazine wasn't on the Web back

He constantly tries to claim credit for the Internet or whatever success
Linux has had - as if the coincidence of him being alive and using the 'Net
and Linux during its lifecycle means its growth can be attributed to him.

Read this page http://www.open4success.org/bio/Auto08.html.  He's deluded.
He claims in 1997 he pushed for "take the desktop" on cola, then he links
himself to Linus Torvalds by claiming Torvalds himself took up the "desktop"
mantra a year later.

You beginning to get the picture, Roy?  You need to find a new cola hero.)

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