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Re: Help - Can I create a web page with a table that can be updated by the web viewer

__/ [Newsguy] on Saturday 22 October 2005 03:40 \__

> Hi,
> I want to create something like a table of text data. I then want my users,
> who are spread out all over the place, to be able to access the table, fill
> in the blanks with their info and then have the page and the data in the
> table be updated...Is this possible without a database?
> Thanks
> F

It sounds to me like you will have to record the data somewhere unless the
changes  made by the visitors should be volatile. The volatility might  be
fine  if the contributers fill in a form to get some output or simply play
a game.

A  popular  method of achieving easily-changeable tables, which  are  also
edited collaboratively, might be a Wiki, though it may require some re-ad-
justments  to accommodate for tables without high complexity that requires
user experience.

A Wiki, by the way, would require a database.


PS  - Remember that saving data to your filestore is something that is not
allowed  due  to security woe. Log files are often the exception, but  you
could  do  something with PHP too provided that necessary  privileges  are
granted. Be very, very careful if you go down that path.

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