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Re: Banner image visible?

"dorayme" <dorayme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in 
>> From: Roy Schestowitz 
>> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> __/ [Dominic Myers] on Friday 21 October 2005 
>> 23:43 \__
>>> Hi there.
>>> I've a strange problem with an image on a site
>>> I've written.
>>> For me it works a treat and I'm looking at it 
>>> with
>>> Opera 8.5, FF 1.0.7, IE 6 and Avant 10.1 Build 
>>> 30
>>> (Which I guess is just IE made
>>> pretty) on Windows XP with SP2 and Safari, 
>>> Opera
>>> 8.5 and FF 1.0.7 on
>>> Mac OS X.3. The page should look like this:
>>> <http://img442.imageshack.us/my.php?image=indigo0016du.jpg>
>>> but instead looks like this:
>>> <http://img436.imageshack.us/my.php?image=site9zu.jpg>
>>> and this generally is the case in IE 6 and 
>>> FireFox
>>> on Windows machines. I should add that it's 
>>> some
>>> but not all Windows machines! Anyone any ideas 
>>> as
>>> to why this might be happening as it's doing 
>>> my
>>> poor head in. The page is at
>>> <http://indigo.camshag.co.uk> by the way.
>>> Thanks in advance,
>> The page looks exactly the same as in the 
>> latter screenshot under Firefox
>> upon Linux. Same with Mozilla and 
>> Konqueror.http://imageshack.us/?x=my6
>> That green element just doesn't show up. Why is 
>> it cut at the bottom, by the
>> way? It looks unfinished... but overall the 
>> page is pretty.
>> You must add some fonts, if at all specify any. 
>> Some platforms might not have
>> 'Ariel'.
>> My modest take...
>> Roy
> As it happened, I looked up the font because the 
> para text
> looked nice (in font not so much colour) on my 
> screen and I
> wanted to check it and saw 'Arial' in the body{} 
> of the linked
> css at 
> http://indigo.camshag.co.uk/resources/index.css, 
> then read
> your post.
> Are you saying the quotes are not supposed to be 
> there? (I
> assume a typo by you for "Arial" unless there is 
> an instance I
> missed on my quick glance...). Or more and that 
> there should be
> a fuller range of fonts... Is the effect of the 
> quotes to make
> some browsers ignore the font intended?
> To the OP, your page looked nice till I enlarged 
> the fonts a
> bit, it broke up quickly and horribly when the 
> fonts are
> enlarged. See http://dorayme.150m.com/indigo.jpg
> -- 
> dorayme

Roy and dorayme,

Oops... was a typo with Ariel originally being 
used instead of Arial

No image for you Roy? Can't work out what the 
problem is. I've replaced the image with an image 
in a table (Can't beat 'em join 'em... then again 
I'm not such a purist that I can't appreciate the 
use of tables sometimes ;-)), the replacement 
means that the banner is the right size but the 
image isn't visible still. Just can't work it out 
at all tbh.

Any ideas?


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