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Re: Concept behind "rel=nofollow"

__/ [John Bokma] on Saturday 22 October 2005 19:58 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> __/ [Mark Shell] on Saturday 22 October 2005 16:11 \__
>>> My understanding is that the original and primary purpose of the
>>> <rel="nofollow"> tag is to provide a weblog anti-spam function. ...
>> ...All  sorts of things fall under the class "link spam". It is not
>> solely Weblogs. The very idea of link spam combatting is ludicrous
>> because people can  automate (script) self-promotion provided that
>> contribution is possi- ble (Web 2.0).
> What's this web 2.0 stuff?

Here is a fun and visual presentation (the second among the two):


It also come with audio. Trust me, it's worth spending a couple of minutes
going through the slides.

>>> ... Now, if I
>>> use this tag on a regular page that has nothing to do with
>>> webblogging, and I use it selectively -- a few external links have
>>> it, and the rest don't -- wouldn't it make a search engine think that
>>> I am trying to manipulate something here, particularly the PR flow
>>> from that page of mine, and punish me as a result?
>> Some  (if not many) people use rel="nofollow" when referring to sites
>> they hate  and  do  not  wish  to give credit to.  So,  in  practice,
>> not  all rel="nofollow" among page content should be considered evil.
> Uhm, this hate is often a personal thing, so it might be evil.
>> Speaking  of which, rel="nofollow" did not stop link spam. Wikis,
>> forums, blogs, guestbooks continue to get whacked.
> There is always a sucker who clicks on a link. Moreover, spam is
> automated, and having your script check first if the site uses nofollow
> or not is a waste of time (you can spam 10 more in that time). It's the
> same with email spam, they just don't check each and every email
> address, what's the point.

Exactly. The scripts have already been created and shined to glisten. They
can already fool many filters or other methods for prevention. If they don't
penetrate, use more brute force.

So, why not employ them? The best solution is to hunt down the link spammers,
much as they now do with E-mail spammers.

They have just caught Ralsky. The FBI raided his home about a week ago.



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