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Re: grid in a photo ... how?


> (...)
> > The "Make grid system" Script-Fu seems to be a nice trick ...
> > However, I can't figure it out, how to set the "x-divides" and
> > "y-divides". The defaults are "'(1 g 1)" ...
> > 1. what's "g"?
> > 2. if I try "'(1 1 1 1 1)" ... I indeed get 4 lines ... however ... I
> >    would need 73 such lines ... do I need to write 73 times "1 " in this
> >    line, or is there any way to say simply "do 73x1"?
> (...)
> I believe there is some formulation, which is explained somewhere in the
> documentation. Try searching the Net for "gimp make grid system".

Well, for the time being I haven't found any documentation ...
I'm using a "hand made" string:
	'(0 1 1 ... 1 1 0)
There are as many "1"-s as there are centimeters (so that I get a grid
line per every centimeter) ...
The leading and trailing "0"-s are there because I also want grid lines on
the left (top) and right (bottom) borders (otherwise they are not drawn) ...

> > 3. there's another stupid think that I've just noticed ... (linux,
> >    gimp-1.2.3) - I can mark text in the gimp's window with a mouse and
> >    paste it in the xterm's window, but when I mark something in the
> >    xterm's window, I cannot paste it in the gimp's window ... a known bug?
> (...)
> possibly another. It is sometimes helpful if you use an intermediatery
> application like a text editor which preserves or converts text to an
> impartial encoding. Try to propagate the text through another (third)
> application and see if it resolves this issue.

Thanks for your tip.
Indeed, I opened an emacs editor (x11 window) and I was able to paste
texts marked in this window into gimp ... (and vice versa, too)

Best regards,

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