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Re: grid in a photo ... how?

__/ [Jacek M. Holeczek] on Saturday 22 October 2005 14:51 \__

> Hi,
> many thanks to both of you, who replied ...
> The "Make grid system" Script-Fu seems to be a nice trick ...
> However, I can't figure it out, how to set the "x-divides" and
> "y-divides". The defaults are "'(1 g 1)" ...
> 1. what's "g"?
> 2. if I try "'(1 1 1 1 1)" ... I indeed get 4 lines ... however ... I
>    would need 73 such lines ... do I need to write 73 times "1 " in this
>    line, or is there any way to say simply "do 73x1"?

I haven't tested that, to be perfectly honest. I did more of a 'proof of
concept' thing, just as a sanity check.

I believe there is some formulation, which is explained somewhere in the
documentation. Try searching the Net for "gimp make grid system".

> 3. there's another stupid think that I've just noticed ... (linux,
>    gimp-1.2.3) - I can mark text in the gimp's window with a mouse and
>    paste it in the xterm's window, but when I mark something in the
>    xterm's window, I cannot paste it in the gimp's window ... a known bug?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jacek.

The different encodings of text, I believe, are often causing inconsistencies
as such. In distributions with tighter integration this is less likely to
recur. Lego just doesn't also merge with Playmobil.

LyX comes to mind as another application where this may happen. Firefox is
possibly another. It is sometimes helpful if you use an intermediatery
application like a text editor which preserves or converts text to an
impartial encoding. Try to propagate the text through another (third)
application and see if it resolves this issue.


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