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Re: www.msn.com has PR2 now (?!)

__/ [Sam] on Saturday 22 October 2005 12:57 \__

> What's even funnier about that is the google toolbar is now a PR9
> But hey msn sucks what do they expect, at least the google toolbar is
> useful.
> Maybe by next update google toolbar will be a PR10 and msn pr0
> Anybody notice yahoo has improved its search results? I tend to find
> more things there now and more relevant results then google and it used
> to be the other way around. Yahoo copied Google and now I wish Google
> would copy Yahoo (except for all the PPC's and other paid submissions
> those suck)

Very  few Webmasters are optimising their sites with something other  than
Google  in mind. Perhaps this helps Yahoo avoid synthetic results, whereby
people can sneak themselves into good positions 'up the ladder'.

Yahoo are not doing too badly at all, by the way:


I  don't  know  if this can be attributed to ignorance  (many  can't  tell
search  facilities apart), Google disdain, or built-in toolbars and exist-
ing pages that have proximity to the contextual search textbox.

Unfortunately,  to many, being ranked well in Yahoo is much like having  a
10-bedroom apartment in Peru. There is a reputation barrier, still.


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