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Re: Vegan Bodybuilders??

  • Subject: Re: Vegan Bodybuilders??
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 15:14:58 +0100
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__/ [WillBrink] on Saturday 22 October 2005 21:27 \__

> In article <nqw6f.13546$MN6.11738@fed1read04>,
>  notsoslim <notsoslim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The bottom line here is, It should be a persons choice about what he
>> uses to suppliment his lifestyle or snedevers, not the goverments. We
>> are still supposed to have some freedom of choice.
> Works for me....

I agree that any person deserves freedom. I would like to point out, however,
that imposition of limits is sometimes a positive thing. What for example,
should the government tell a 15 -ear-old boy who decided that he wants to
smoke pot and in due time develop a habit and dependency upon it? Sometimes
it is the health implications and common interest that lead to regulations
from above. Even somebody who was once on the roids recognises the
importance of that.

Why do I raise a point which involves a youngster? I see people around me
who, in my opinion, are too young to make reasonable jugdement, which in
turn leads to life-long implications (good or bad). I see people who lack
confidence so in this state of vacuous self-confidence, it seems like there
is nothing to be lost. When the wife and kids come along, priorities change.
Why jeopardise anything in the first place?

I recently read a small editorial, according to which in our younger days we
work really hard at the expense of our health so that our future will be a
healthy one as we can afford it. Ultimately, we may find that both our
younger days and later days were damaged or wasted, so the secret is to look
at the /whole/ picture and accommodate for health all along.


PS - Will, your replies to me were extremely rude at times, though I admit
that my words were excruciating at the start. I hope to keep this discussion
on a 'small fire' this time around. Let's avoid declining to a flamewar that
is filled with personal insults.

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