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Re: Information on the Recent Google Update

__/ [wd] on Monday 24 October 2005 05:39 \__

> On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 01:54:43 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> So it seems as though reciprocal links in one way or another being
>> penalised. This has many unfortunate implications. It also appears as
>> though it's here to stay.
> There were some interesting things mentioned on this page that you
> mentioned:
> http://forums.seochat.com/showthread.php?t=53424
> It said that the lower you drop, the higher you will end up after the
> update?  I'm not so sure about that... but I hope it's true :)

Wishful thinking. The harder you bang your head against the wall, the more
clever you wind up. (not /you/ personally)

> I'm not sure if reciprocal links are being penalized because I checked a
> couple of top ranked sites for certain keywords and they have mostly
> reciprocal links.

I would still argue that people whom I know, including figures who are In-
ternet-savvy, choose to do this. Take for example:

* http://www.meyerweb.com/

* http://photomatt.net/

It may take you a while to find this, but they have several domains regis-
tered  under their name and they stick with the same Web host. They simply
distribute identities or projects sensibly and then inter-link.

> Reciprocal linking is not always bad.  Say you have a business and
> you want to network with some other businesses -- "you send customers to
> me, and I'll send customers to you" -- a site may list those cooperating
> businesses on the site with reciprocal links.  It's legitimate and
> shouldn't be penalized.

...Unless,  of course, something else is evading us here: a missing factor
or an incomplete algorithm execution. [see below]

> The update still has a couple of weeks to go...

Is  that  so? Bourbon had some similar effects (some win  temporarily  and
some  sob),  but  it was not a periodic update, but more of a patch  or  a
strategic transition. Are Google not telling us something?

I am regaining a glimmer of hope as I can observe that:

-Not  a  single PR change could be observed in my sites, not  even  within
deeper  pages. I see changes (motion) in other people's sites on the  con-

-Datacentres  are back to minus ones. This time around, _everything_ leads
to  a  uniform pattern of minus ones. I checked about a dozen domains  in-
cluding  msn.com  and  it all appears worse then it did  when  the  update
started  (based on 2 distinct SEO tools). All the sites which I tried show
the  same  pattern  and it's as if each and every datacentre  refuses  en-

So, it seems clear that the update is not finished yet. Who know what hap-
pens at he end. Those not directly affected by the update should  consider
themsleves very fortunate.


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