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Re: Information on the Recent Google Update

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [John Bokma] on Monday 24 October 2005 09:11 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I  am not too sure about the use of the term "cloaking" though. It
>>> is com- monly  mentioned when different content is delivered to
>>> different 
>>>  agents, e.g.  fool engines by serving them with pages containing
>>> senseless content with targetted keyword at high density.
>> One could generalize it to presenting data different to the visitor
>> compared to the bot. And of course there is a thin line, like "skip
>> content "

It's late here, and I am not sure if that's the right name: I mean a 
jump to the main story link.

>> links that are moved -5000 pixels, but do have a function
>> in screen readers for example.
> That possibly falls under the same category though. If I recall
> correctly, Matt Mullenweg used a very significant horizontal offset
> (6000?) rather than use the visibility attribute.

yup, like the -5000 i mentioned.

> I guess the real
> test must be: is the crawler, which is intended to index information
> for humans, getting a perception that is identical to that of a human?

A human using a visual browser, a screen reader, or lynx?

> I suppose one could defend your example.

Yes, the reason is that people who use a visual browser hardly need a 
"jump to the main story" link, but people using a screen reader now and 
then prefer such a link. They not always like to hear the entire 
breadcrumb tail read aloud :-)

> You could always argue that
> your visitors are hardware-savvy and have a high-resolution
> quadruple-headed (4-across) display each...
> http://www.9xmedia.com/Pages-Downloads/2000-Backgrounds.html
> I have never gone beyond two although I've used that setting since I
> was 19. 

Reminds me of a nice story when I was working with a bleeding edge 
technology (or something like that) Linux supporting company in 
Auckland. I had over 25 windows open most of the time, so I requested a 
dual head. The boss went out the next day (imagine) to go to a dirt 
cheap shop that had some graphics cards which got rescued from a fire 
(they smelled like that anyway). 

So I got my second graphics card.

When I asked where the monitor was: You said nothing about a monitor, 
you wanted an extra graphics card...

One of my co-workers: and how is he going to see the image? By 
connecting the card to his head?

Realllly funny since I clearly explained at the meeting that my screen 
estate was too small to be workable.

I really didn't like their attidude of saving on every little thing 
(like buying 7 fans instead of an airco), except the stuff of the big 

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