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Re: Information on the Recent Google Update

__/ [John Bokma] on Monday 24 October 2005 09:11 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I  am not too sure about the use of the term "cloaking" though. It is
>> com- monly  mentioned when different content is delivered to different
>>  agents, e.g.  fool engines by serving them with pages containing
>> senseless content with targetted keyword at high density.
> One could generalize it to presenting data different to the visitor
> compared to the bot. And of course there is a thin line, like "skip content
> " links that are moved -5000 pixels, but do have a function in screen
> readers for example.

That possibly falls under the same category though. If I recall correctly,
Matt Mullenweg used a very significant horizontal offset (6000?) rather than
use the visibility attribute. I guess the real test must be: is the crawler,
which is intended to index information for humans, getting a perception that
is identical to that of a human? Humans are clients and referrals define the
quality of the 'product'.

I suppose one could defend your example. You could always argue that your
visitors are hardware-savvy and have a high-resolution quadruple-headed
(4-across) display each...


I have never gone beyond two although I've used that setting since I was 19.


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