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Re: Praising Dovecot & Ubuntu Breezy!

__/ [geneva] on Monday 24 October 2005 15:12 \__

> Sam Nelson wrote:
>> In article <djievq$1pdu$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> __/ [Stephen Chadfield] on Monday 24 October 2005 11:35 \__
>>> > I am now running Ubuntu on my machine and the family computer. Apart
>>> > from a few grumbles from my wife that not being able to learn MS Office
>>> > will ruin the children's education they are all getting along with it
>>> > quite well.
>>> It is the principles that count
>> Tried persuading your average Computing teacher of that?

Fortunately, no.

> any normal child will learn enough to pass computing exams from computing
> classes at school, exposing them to something different outside of school
> can only be of benefit.

Exactly. One must bear in mind that each side has its pros and cons so the
two complement one another (as perverse as it may sound). Let us face the
fact that Windows, for a variety of unjustified reasons, is more likely to
be compatible with hardware, but it's more susceptible to attacks, crashes
and the like. It is only one among a large pool of examples I could pick to
defend my point.


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