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Re: Google Base

__/ [John A.] on Wednesday 26 October 2005 07:09 \__

> On 26 Oct 2005 04:10:43 GMT, John Bokma <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>"Google Base is Google's database into which you can add all types of
>>content. We'll host your content and make it searchable online for free."

Yes, I read that this morning and found it rather curious. It makes you
wonder about Web applications that are innately more complex. Brin has ruled
out the possibility of Google Office though.

> Anyone else see the title coming? :)

All your based are belong (sic) to Google.

How about this one, which I also came across this morning?


Makes you wonder, eh? Also, this must be among the very few blogs on that
domain which are composed by an actual human.

Also see a bad word on AdSense (from yesterday) at:


   1. First, they create a lot of fake blogs. There are slimy companies that
make easy to use software to do this for you. They scrape bits and pieces of
legitimate blogs and repost them, as if they were just another link blog. It
is very hard to tell the difference between a fake blog and a real blog
until you read it for a while and realize there's no human brain behind it,
like one of those Jack Format radio stations that fired all their DJs, or
maybe FEMA.
   2. Then, they sign up for AdSense.
   3. Then you buy or rent a network of zombie PCs (that is, home computers
that are attached to the Internet permanently which have been infected by a
virus allowing them to be controlled remotely).
   4. Finally, use those zombie PCs to simulate clicks on the links on your
blog. Because the zombie PCs are all over the Internet, they appear to be
legit links coming from all over the Internet.

In short, use of blogs to drain money out of advertisers. Speaking of
zombies, I still have about 1000 attacks (visits) per day. The pace has been
steady for 2 weeks though. All these zombies are Win32. f* 'em.


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