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Re: (OT) Signature Sequences

  • Subject: Re: (OT) Signature Sequences
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 11:34:27 +0100
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__/ [Els] on Wednesday 26 October 2005 11:16 \__

> Chaddy2222 wrote:
>> - - -
>> Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc
> I can see you're working on it, Chad - the empty line is there.
> But the sig seperator... :-)
> You now have dash space dash space dash space.
> What's needed though, is dash dash space.
> follow-up set to alt.www.webmaster.

The space if often missed by many, either intentionally or unintentionally
(not to mention the crucial newline). I can recall very long argument about
the signature sequence, as well as the 4-line limit, which Netscape very
religiously complains about. Only hours ago I noticed an odd signature


xxx                              Phone   +44  xx
xx                  Fax     +44  xx
xx       Internal x3xx
Department of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street,  London WC1E 6BT          xx

The funny thing is that you can see an attempt the add the two dashes, but
the space is missing. So, as a consequence, you get very many lines embedded
in the body of all replies. I never have the courage to say something about
it, especially if it's from someone you work with.


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