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Re: (OT) Signature Sequences

__/ [William Tasso] on Wednesday 26 October 2005 12:12 \__

> Writing in news:alt.www.webmaster,alt.internet.search-engines
>  From the safety of the LocusMeus.com cafeteria
> Els <els.aNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> [sig seps]
>>> I never have the courage to say something about
>>> it, especially if it's from someone you work with.
>> You need to become more courageous then ;-)

It took courage to PGP-sign my messages, but that's as far as I would go.
Making others aware of their mistakes is another, far more considerable
stepping stone, which I am reluctant to hop on.

> need?  I don't think so

Me neither. E-mail conversation are a sensitive matter due to the lack of
visual, more subtle communication. People are even paying attention to the
ordering of recipients, so I must always be careful.

> 'consider' possibly, but there's no sense in rattling cages unless there's
> something to be gained.
> Internal comms between colleagues are littered with conventions that make
> them unusable to outsiders.

I can recall a few circumstances where ambiguity in textual correspondence
led to friction. I dislike E-mails among colleagues for that very particular
reason. Silence is passiveness is often the better option, I'm afraid.


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