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Re: YOU Broke KDE

Arne, Harold,

Thank you very much for the replies, which instilled some confidence. To give
thumbs up or thumbs down I'll have to wait another day. I can at most SSH
(with X forwarding) to my home at this moment as I'm at work. I will take a
closer look at this (maybe leave work early) as I can do very little from
here (see below). I want to alleviate my worries as soon as I can. It has
truly bugged me, FUD'ed me even.

__/ [Harold Stevens] on Thursday 27 October 2005 11:01 \__

> In <djpofa$jp4$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Roy Schestowitz:
> [Snip...]
>> I log in, I believe I am put in TWM (if I recall correctly) and I can open
>> xterm and 'startkde'. I see some errors generated and KDE is then badly
>> embedded in TWM.
> Shot in the dark...

Sounds like an excellent solution to be honest...

> Does your X startup seem to proceed normally? It may be as simple as the
> X window manager selection from the X login screen on console 7.

When I first installed SuSE, there was a neater login screen -- that 'jungle
green' if I recall correctly. After a few reboots I got the uglier login
manager (grey one, reminiscent of FVWM), but logging on proceeded to KDE. In
that login screen all I can see is a little (tiny -- ~1 cm high) console at
the bottom-left. Apart from that, all I get are fields for username and
password to be entered. I am on console 7 by the way, which occupied XOrg

> When you boot the machine, does it proceed to 9.3 kdm session management
> login screen (console 7)--id/passwd box in center; "Session Type" button
> at lower left? If so, click on that session button and make sure you get
> KDE selected--it sounds like it's (inadvertently) set for twm, now.

I believe you may be right. I will have a closer look.

> Just a WAG--HTH...

Thanks Harold!!

__/ [Arne Schmitz] on Thursday 27 October 2005 08:38 \__

> Have you tried choosing KDE as the session type in KDM?
> Arne

You were probably the first to figure out the issue. Like I said, there is a
merely invisible console at the bottom-left. I'll try to see what I can do.
I never had similar issues with SuSE 8.2 (over 2 years) so I suspect that I
inadvertently 'broken' something in the login manager when I was fiddling
with Control Center.

Thanks to you both again!


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