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Re: 8000 links over night appeared on this site. google error?

__/ [Marco] on Friday 28 October 2005 14:15 \__

> I will let you know if we figure out...and let us know if anyone wants
> to look further.. but again we are both honest with SEO and  anti-spam.
> We drilled down to the links that google reported and could not find
> any real www.ibes.pl links that really pointed to his site.  What we
> saw was links that had "des" in the achor text which google might
> confuse with "ibes" -as a side not the english version of the same site
> has a PR2. I think this was even a PR1 before google's mistake.

Hmmm.... interesting... that's why I explicitly said that I did not descend
to the sites and checked the genuineness of the links.

This sounds like a programming mistake... "des" and "debug" were the first
things to crop in my mind. You see, search engine algorithms are not
mission-critical, so they are likely to be poorly tested. In fact, it is
also likely that hacks ('Easter eggs') are left in tact just so that the
folks at Google can run some experiments and reach conclusions. We all all
just mice in a large maze with secret passages.

I wonder if Google will spot a bug, or perhaps it is just a fluke that will
ultimately get swept away. Either way, enjoy it while it lasts!



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